Financial Planning

Increased Control & Quality

  • Decentralize
  • Reduce administration
  • Integrate with BI

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Financial Planning

By doing your financial planning in Planacy you’ll reduce administrative work, get a more decentralized process and full control over workflow, versions, consolidation and user access. You don’t have to worry about Excel documents crashing and numbers being incorrect. You’ll get more time for strategic activities and supporting your businesses planning process.

Decentralize Your Budget and Forecast

Using revenue/cost drivers and powerful workflow you can decentralize your budgeting and forecasting processes. You can create your budget using well-known dimensions and concepts, in templates that are fully adapted to your particular business giving you a higher quality of input and increased ownership.

Integrate with Your BI, DW or Business system

Planacy can be fully integrated with your BI, DW or business system. In that way, you’ll always have quality assured reference data within the platform, and you don’t have to bother with manual work such as data collection, versioning, creating templates, sending out Excel sheets and consolidating everyone's budget files.

Integrate with Business Intelligence

"Planacy increases the quality of our work"

With Planacy we can now focus on analyzing and questioning input and outcome instead of consolidating data in Excel through the traditional "Copy/Paste" method.

Tobias Alvers, Business Controller at Haglöfs

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Simplify your financial planning!

Streamline and take control of your processes with Planacy – get more time for analysis and strategic development of your business.

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