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Follow-up in Planacy

With a system for budgeting and forecasting you get a significantly better overview and a more time-effiecient follow-up processes. In Planacy, you can easily group and monitor comments, and also connect these comments to your follow-up to get a clear image of what’s causing deviations. In addition, if you have a BI system, this can seamlessly be integrated with Planacy to enable deeper analyses an visualize deviances based on the groups you’ve set up.


In this video we show you an example of how you can work with follow-up in Planacy, and how an integration to your BI system might look.

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Integrate With Your BI 

Integrate Planacy with your Business Intelligence system to enable deeper analyses and get a cohesive solution for budgeting, forecasting, planning, as well as analysis, follow-up and reporting.  

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