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Simplified staff budgeting

Budgeting staff costs such as wages, bonuses, sick leave, holidays and pensions at a sufficiently detailed level is often a challenge. Using Planacy’s HR & Staff module, you can budget staff costs in more detail while at the same time simplifying the staff budgeting for those in charge of personnel.

Central administration with the HR and personnel-module

With Planacy’s HR & Staff module it’s easy to administrate the rules for calculations, such as general salary supplements, vacation conditions, pension agreements and salary audits. This can be done before, during or after the businesses input. Regardless of when, it will fully impact your final staff and earnings budget.

A staff budget with higher precision

With Planacy's HR and Staff module, you get your budgeted personnel costs at the same detailed level as your actual personnel cost with accrual effects for holiday pay, pensions, taxes etc. taken in to account. This gives you a staff budget with higher precision and a clearer link between assumptions and outcome, which simplifies both follow-up and analysis on any level – salary type, individual, team, department, profit unit and overall for the entire company.


In Planacy, managers can easily handle new hires, staff changes, individual benefits and employment rate with well-known dimensions and concepts. The cost items are then automatically driven to the correct accounts with a significantly higher data quality than before.

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