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Investments and Depreciations (CAPEX)

Simplify forecasting of your future investments and depreciations (also known as CAPEX) with Planacy. You can easily gather current depreciations from the asset registry and get a more detailed view of future depreciations.

The investment budget is often neglected – many people tend to simplify as much as possible and thus, only budget a lump sum per year for investments. The result is an accurate yearly budget for EBITDA, but since people are avoiding budgeting for upcoming depreciations, both the budget for net income as well as the balance sheet and cash flow forecast become misleading.

Better Overview

Planacy gives you a complete list of all budgeted investments and simplifies reconciliation of actual investment costs and budgeted investment costs. In this way, you get a more efficient follow-up process and better overview.

Automatic Extraction of Asset Data

Reading depreciations from the asset registry into Excel demands a lot of manual work hours, but in Planacy this data is gathered automatically – you don’t have to copy/paste different files. Together with your forecasted investments, you get a budget of your total depreciations and a clear outlook.

Connect with BS & CF

In Planacy, it’s then possible to connect the forecast of your investments and depreciations with a balance sheet and cash flow process. In this way, you get a continuously updated forecast of the depreciations impact on the balance sheet and cash flow. With a better overview, you can make well informed decisions!

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Demo: Investments & Depreciations

Here's a short demo of how investments and depreciations can be managed in Planacy. 

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