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Streamline P&L Budgeting With a Data-Driven Platform

  • Driver-based
  • Top-down adjustments
  • Data-driven

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Driver-Based Budgeting for Profit & Loss

With smart drivers, Planacy simplifies budgeting and forecasting of both revenue and expenses, which makes it easier to diverge from classic budgeting at account level in the income statement.

Of course, everything must ultimately be consolidated together in the profit and loss statement, possibly at different consolidation levels and with different consolidation currencies – but in Planacy this happen automatically. In this way, you’ll always have an updated P&L, regardless of which parts you’ve made input or changes to.

P&L With Increased Ownership

Using smart drivers and a powerful workflow, Planacy enables a more decentralized work process and lets you budget on well-known dimensions and expressions, in templates that are customized for your business – you get higher quality of input and increased ownership.

Automate Your Work

From a top-down perspective, it’s then possible to make adjustments in the consolidated P&L, which is automatically pushed out on all connected processes. You can also easily create what-if analyses that affect all connected processes too. All manual administrative work disappears and de financial department can instead spend more time on what drives the business forward – the strategic planning.

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Planacy's planning platform does not only simplify your P&L budgeting, but can also streamline all of your unique financial and operational planning processes.

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