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Project budgeting

Planacy is designed to handle complex business processes, allows for unique customization and can seamlessly be integrated with your project monitoring software. This simplifies delegated ownership of the process and allows project managers to provide input in a simple and user-friendly way. You save time, get more control over the process and better quality.

In addition, Planacy reduces administration in project budgeting, gives you increased ownership and more time for analysis. If you have a delegated project budget with familiar dimensions and concepts, the quality of work becomes much higher.

Simple project budgeting

Planacy's modern and user-friendly interface makes project forecasting and management easier. By integrating project forecasts with the financial budget process, as well as other planning processes, you reduce manual and time-consuming work and improve quality.

Manage complex processes

With a well-thought-out technical architecture, customizable modules and planning templates, the platform can support complex planning processes. For example  percentage of completion accounting, multi-year projects and customized workflows, such as approvals for different project levels and project statuses.

Demo: Project Forecasting

With Planacy, you get a good overview of your project costs and which steps in the project that have been completed. In this video we for example show you how you:

  • easily can import actual data up until a chosen date
  • visualize deviations in relation to the project budget
  • make adjustments to get a budget that's always up to date

“Planacy feels fresh and user-friendly”

We are now taking advantage of this investment to become more efficient and flexible in our budget and forecasting process.

Robert Nauclér, Business Controller at HSB ProjektPartner

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