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Plan and budget your purchases

Do you work with a fast-moving and news-driven product range? A constant challenge for buyers is to get the right product delivered at the right time and with the right quantity. With Planacy, you can budget and plan your purchases in a simpler and more efficient way according to the level of detail you need.

You can for example choose to simply include a sales forecast from your stakeholders via Planacy, or, calculate purchasing proposals at SKU level. No matter your needs, Planacy can be fully adapted to your business.

Purchasing challenges

There's many challenges in purchasing; purchasing forecasts may need to be made long before the start of the season, and sometimes there's no sales budget to support you. Maybe your company conduct sales on several markets and in several channels (wholesale, retail, eCOM etc.). Parts of your assortment may consist of products that are never out of stock, or new items for which there’s no historical sales. With Planacy, you can make more accurate purchases with a clear connection between the value of the sales budget and the quantity of purchases.

Don’t go with your gut – go with the facts

Planacy can help you make decisions that are more based on facts – not your gut. With Planacy you’ll get a clear connection between your sales- and purchasing budget, better substantiated volume forecasts, elaborate purchase order proposals, increased control and better follow-up of your purchases. In addition, you’ll get increased ownership of the process.

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