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Revenue Budgeting in Planacy

In Planacy, you can work with driver-based budgeting of your revenue, save time and increase collaboration – without the risk of getting incorrect numbers due to broken links, incorrect characters etc. You can quickly make adjustments when the outside world changes and even create What-if and Worst-case scenarios. With Planacy, you get a more reliable budget/forecast and more time for other important activities.  

Planacy is fully customizable for all revenue processes. Below you'll find a few examples of the processes you can manage in Planacy.

License Revenue

In Planacy you can add new customers, appoint them a license type and add different parametres that are controlled by that license type. In this way, you get a better overview of your customer licenses – and you can easily adjust them if a contract for example is changed or renewed.

Revenue Based On Customers

With drivers it’s easy to budget your customer base, churn and average revenue per customer to generate a budget for your total revenue. You can also connect additional KPIs that drive revenue to get a more detailed budget. In this way, it will also be easier to identify deviations between actuals and budget. In addition, Planacy enables a more collaborative process since more people are able to offer input.

Revenue Per Employee

In Planacy you can, among other things, budget billable hours, utilization and cost per hour to get a billable amount. Then, it’s possible to connect your costs from the staff budget to get a net income per employee. Thus, with only a few inputs, you get a more detailed budget, you’ll save time and simplify your follow-up.

Sales Budgeting

You don’t have to bother with Excel, complicated formulas and strange structures. With Planacy’s user friendly interface and powerful features you can easily create a budget – fast.

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Demo: Revenue Budgeting

In this video we show you four examples of how you can work with revenue budgeting in Planacy.

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