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Sales budgeting in Planacy

For a lot of companies, the sales department is one of the most important ones. It’s also the department with the highest impact on the end product for the budgeting, forecasting and planning.

With Planacy you get customized budget and forecasting templates for your business's sales budgeting. This lets you plan your sales with a higher level of detail and better quality, while at the same time making it easier and faster for the end user.

Easy and user-friendly

You don’t have to bother with Excel, complicated formulas and strange structures. With Planacy’s user friendly interface and powerful features it’s fast and simple for you to create a budget.

Customized templates for sales budgeting

By integrating Planacy with Excel, your BI, DW or business system you can automatically retrieve your article and customer register. The input templates are adapted to how your business and sales process looks – budget per seller, article, item group or customer. You can budget at the same level and dimensional structure that you follow up and analyze the business.

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“Planacy has simplified our forward-looking analysis”

We now create the financial budget in Planacy, which includes a sales budget broken down by concept, channel, market and cost center.

Mia Arnelund, CFO at Filippa K

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More Control and Better Prospects

Planacy gives you control over your sales budget. You gain knowledge about what drives revenue and how it affects the result. Well-known dimensions and concepts simplify for the user and increase the level of detail and quality of work – and give you a better forward-looking analysis.

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