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Data-driven budgeting 

Planacy’s data-driven budgeting software for financial planning is developed to handle complex budget processes, offers increased control and fewer headaches.

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A data-driven budgeting software

Avoid the headache often generated by a manual and administrative heavy budget processes with Planacy. Our data-driven budgeting software, with its unique technique and powerful modules, is developed to support complex budget processes and is completely customisable for your company, your processes and needs. Get a simplified, more efficient and value-adding budgeting process in Planacy.

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Planacy’s budget software enables data-driven work with everything from staff budgeting, sales budgeting and project budgeting to cash flow forecasting and much more. You get a streamlined financial outlook that creates higher engagement and offers increased insight into what really drives revenue, costs and results.  

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Planacy can be integrated with Excel, your BI, DW, ERP or financial system, which ensures that you always have quality assured reference data in the platform. You no longer have to bother with manual work such as data collection, version management, creation of templates, emailing Excel sheets and consolidating budget templates.

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A configurable workflow with role-based security 

Since Planacy's budgeting software offers role-based security, you can decide who gets access to what and in which time during the process they get access to it, as well as what they are allowed to do. You get better data security and at the same time, you can work more privately with your budget process and create what-if scenarios with more delicate assumptions.

– Planacy has simplified our forward-looking analyses

“We used to have a process that was very dependent on individuals and a lot of time was spent on administrating and updating templates. Now, we create our financial budget in Planacy, which includes a sales budget broken down by concept, channel, market and cost center.”

Craig Erdrich
Group Business Controller at Filippa K

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