Cash Flow Forecast

Automated balance sheet and cash flow forecast  

Work driver-based with everything from revenue and costs to balance sheet to get a complete and streamlined financial planning solution with a continuously updated cash flow forecast.

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A unique solution 

Get a comprehensive financial outlook

The need for a continuously updated cash flow forecast has increased as the world changes more rapidly. Planacy offers a unique solution for an automatically calculated and continuously updated balance sheet and cash flow forecast. Take control of the forecasted P&L and balance sheet with driver-based elements for revenues and costs. The forecasted cash flow is automatically and seamlessly updated if anything in the forecast is changed – with Planacy, you get a more streamlined process and a higher level of control of how all modifications affect both the P&L and the cash flow.

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Balance sheet   

Budgeting and forecasting of the balance sheet is something that doesn’t always get the time that it needs. In Planacy, it’s easy to administrate your framework to get an automatically updated balance sheet that’s seamlessly connected to all of your driver-based processes.

Cash flow forecast  

With an updated balance sheet, you are close to having a continuously updated forecast of the cash flow. FP&A’s or CFOs can define and administer the framework with an userfriendly admin interface. All changes in your budget and forecast will give you an updated cash flow forecast over the entire forecast horizon – not matter if you’re forecasting for this budget year or multiple years ahead.

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Cash flow forecasting - budget system

Optimised liquidity forecast

Work actively with a detailed and continuously updated liquidity forecast to ensure that you have the cash flow you need in the future, or to optimise and ensure thar your liquidity doesn’t get too big – and thus, that your money isn’t tied up unnecessarily.

Guide: liquidity forecasting doesn't have to be difficult

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In this video, we show you how Planacy enables you to:

  • work driver-based all the way from revenue and costs to the balance sheet
  • get a complete and streamlined solution with a continuously updated cash flow forecast

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