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Planacys and PE Accounting’s strategic partnership means that we together offer a streamlined two-way integration for financial planning and automated accounting.  

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PE accounting minimises manual steps with the business system’s highest grade of automation. This means that you, as customers, can focus on building your business and trust that the accounting is done correctly.   

The integration between Planacy and PE Accounting makes it possible to work more streamlined, more data-driven, and more automated. You get access to a modern accounting software – with market-leading automation - and a powerful planning platform where you can easily and quickly create financial forecasts for your business with high engagement and accountability.   

If you’re already a customer of PE Accounting, with the help of our two-way integration, you could quickly get started with Planacy. This is done by using the data you have already collected in PE Accounting. After that, you can easily follow up on the budget and forecast data with Planacy.  

PE Accounting integration Planacy

A world-class accounting software 

PE Accounting gives you total control over the company’s finances in real-time. The solution replaces consultancy-heavy ERPs, accounting and salary software, and repetitive tasks. You get an accounting software with the market’s highest automation degree and a competent accounting team to assist when you need a helping hand. PE Accounting specialises in SaaS and consulting companies with more than five employees or companies that are growing fast.  

Accounting expertise and system knowledge delivers better results.  

With PE Accounting, you both get an advanced accounting software and a finance team with the proper knowledge about your company’s processes which can work proactively to improve it. PE gives advice and makes sure everything is correct. This means both reduced risks for you, and that you can use you're accounting and the streamlined data-driven forecasts from Planacy to make more informed decisions.   

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Visit PE Accounting to get more information about automated accounting or book a demonstration and discussion with us to learn more about data-driven financial planning integrated with PE Accounting.   

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