Predictive Forecast 

Automated and predictive forecasts

Minimise manual work with Planacy’s smart features for automated and predictive budget and forecast suggestions.

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 A future-proof planning platform   

Increase automation with predictive planning models   

With innovative technology, Planacy is a cutting-edge planning platform that helps you automate your work with budgeting and forecasting. With the push of a button, you can create new forecasts with automatic and predictive calculations and suggestions, that simplifies your work and enables a more value-creating planning process.



Reach beyond the limits of manual planning with our intelligent and integrated features for automation. Roll your forecasts forward with automatically gathered actuals, create forecast proposals and simulate how different decision will affect your business. With Planacy’s intuitive interface, tedious and manual processes are transformed to a few simple clicks.


In our predictive forecasts, we use statistical predictive analytics to assess trends and patterns in your historical data to produce accurate forecast suggestions. This saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on analysis, improving your processes and making adjustments in case there’s any deviations. Using a predictive forecast as a base can reduce manual and human errors, and significantly increase the quality of your forecast.

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