Rolling Forecasts 

Streamline your planning processes

Streamline your work with data-driven processes to work more efficiently and frequently with rolling forecasts.

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A planning platform for data-driven rolling forecasts

Challenging and constantly developing your processes to optimise value-creating work with financial planning is essential. With Planacy, you can work with a continuously updated financial forecast that gives you a better foundation for decision making, so that you can make more well-informed strategic decisions. Planacy's solution can be completely customised for your unique processes and business logic, and you can work according to the forecasting method that is best suited for your business – dynamic and frequent or completely rolling every month. And if you change your mind, you can easily switch forecasting horizon.


Demo: Rolling Forecast

In this short demo, we show you an example of how you can work with rolling forecasts in Planacy, how easy it is to administrate and what the result looks like in the P&L.

Frequently updated forecasts

Working more frequently and rolling with financial forecasts has become increasingly important as the world changes more rapidly. With Planacy’s powerful support and features, you can work according to the method that suits your business best. You can work rolling with a forecasting horizon of 12, 18 or 24 months to get a longer forecasting horizon that’s updated more frequently.

Automate your processes

Automate your work to create a more efficient process that enables more frequent forecasts. Through automation, you’ll minimise manual and repetitive tasks and create better conditions to work with rolling forecasts.

Which forecasting method is best suited for you?

Should you work with a classic budget and forecast, rolling 12-18 months or a rolling forecast with dynamic length? There are pros and cons to every method and which one's the best varies depending on your unique business. Download our guide to learn more about the different methods and which one's best suited for you.

Guide: forecasting methods

Time to start working with rolling forecasts? 

Contact us today to discuss how you can begin working with a more frequent and rolling forecasting process, or download our guide on the different forecasting methods and their pros and cons. 

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