The platform for data-driven financial planning  

Data-driven financial planning enables you to systemise, automate and optimise your processes. Work more proactively and continuously and add more value to your financial forecasts with Planacy.

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powerful planning software 

Reduce your headache with increased automation and higher quality  

Planacy simplifies data-driven work with budgetingforecasting and planning. Optimise your financial planning with powerful and customisable modules and intelligent features for driver-based forecasting. With Planacy, you can reduce manual and repetitive work while increasing engagement and accountability within the organisation


We simplify your budgeting, forecasting and planning



Simplify and automate your budget processIn Planacyit’s easto work with multiple scenarios and maintain control of the process.



With just a few clicks, you can start new forecast process with automatically imported data and automated forecast suggestions based on historical data.


Financial Planning

Planacy streamlines user-friendly solutions that enables more frequent work with financial planning no matter which processes are most critical for your business.

Why should you invest in a data-driven planning platform? 

If you’re not convinced yet, you'll find many inspiring articles and webinars on our knowledge hub. There, you can learn how and why Planacy makes financial planning more efficient. You can also book a personal meeting with one of our experts to discuss your planning process.

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