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The platform for data-driven financial planning  

Planacy systemise, automate and optimise your financial planning. The platform enables you to work more proactive with continuous and value-creating forecasts. 

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A powerful planning software 

Reduce your headache with increased automation and a higher quality  

Planacy simplifies data-driven work with budget, forecast and planning. Optimise your financial planning with powerful and customisable modules and intelligent functionality for driver-based forecasting. With Planacy, you can simultaneously reduce manual and repetitive work as engagement and accountability within the organisation increase.

Our Customers  

Planacy is a leading platform for data-driven budget, forecast and planning. With a customer satisfaction of 96%, we streamline the financial planning processes of more than 150 SME-companies. Their size, business and industry vary, but they all have in common that they want to reduce the manual work, increase the degree of automation, and start working more driver-based.  

Planacy data-driven financial planning onboarding


Planacys powerful modules and unique ability to be customised, together with our experience in business controlling and financial planning - contribute to the fact that you, as customers, get the support you need and can get started in just 5-8 weeks. How long your implementation takes depends on different factors, for example, your availability, your business logic, what kind of integrations you have and the magnitude of your solution.

We look at our onboarding as the start of a long collaboration. Since your needs will probably change over time, we’ll be there for you as specialists to help you develop and optimise your financial planning.        

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With a seamlessly integrated platform for both data and analysis and follow-up, you minimise the time put into everything from implementation, maintenance and administration. You get a comprehensive, integrated solution that makes data-driven work more straightforward with your financial management.

Planacy has a well-developed API, connectors, integrations to the leading Business Intelligence systems and flexible add-ins for Excel and Google Sheets.

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Configurable workflow with high security  

In Planacy, you decide who gets to see what and when every user should be able to see it. You get a higher level of security and can simultaneously work privately with your processes to make sensible assumptions.     


On-Demand Training  

To maximise the ROI of your investment, you need knowledge and safety. Therefore, we offer our customers access to our On-Demand Training Platform with a great supply of courses for administrators and end-users. 

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Why should you use a data-driven planning platform?  

If you aren't convinced, you'll find many inspiring articles and webinars at our knowledge hub. There you can learn how and why Planacy makes financial planning more efficient. You can also book a personal meeting with an expert of ours to discuss your planning process.   

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