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Budgeting in Planacy

Budgeting is often complex, time-consuming and requires a great deal of customization. The Planacy budget tool is designed to handle complex budget processes and is fully customizable for your processes and needs. With Planacy you’ll get more control and a budget with higher precision and can spend more time on strategic activities.

Customizable budget processes

With Planacy you get a budget, forecast and planning platform that is fully customizable for your unique business, process and needs. Planacy can handle everything from HR- and staff budgeting to sales budgeting, project budgeting and much more.

Processes in Planacy

A more automated budget process

The Planacy budgeting tool can be fully integrated with your BI, DW or finance system so you’ll always have quality-assured reference data in the platform. Avoid manual work such as data collection, version management, creation and consolidation of budget templates. 

Integrate with Business Intelligence

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