Integrate With Your Business Intelligence

Integrate Planacy With Business Intelligence

  • MS Power BI®
  • Qlik®
  • Tableau®
  • Excel

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Take advantage of already made investments

Integrate your business intelligence platform with Planacy's best-of-breed budgeting platform to fully take advantage of your investment. With a seamlessly integrated platform for data model as well as analysis and follow-up, you’ll reduce implementation time, maintenance and management. At the same time, you'll simplify the financial and operative planning process while increasing the quality.

Planacy integrated with MS Power BI®

Microsoft Power BI combines modern interactive visualizations with built in market leading data issues and modelling. By implementing Planacy with Power BI you’ll get a seamlessly integrated solution for follow-up, analysis and reporting, as well as budgeting, forecasting and planning processes.  Your processes can be conducted more efficiently and with increased value for your entire business.

Planacy integrated with Qlik®

With QlikView and Qlik Sense you can create visualizations, dashboards and apps which answers your company’s burning questions. By complementing Qliks powerful analysis tool with Planacy budgeting, forecasting and planning system, you’ll get a seamlessly connected solution.

Planacy integrated with Tableau®

Create powerful, attractive and illustrative visualizations with Tableau and get more time for analysis. By integrating Planacy with Tableau® you get a planning process that reduces manual work and you can instead focus on analysis and supporting the business with other value-creating activities.

Planacy integrated with Excel

Planacy doesn’t have to replace Excel – Planacy complements Excel. With Planacy you’ll get a planning platform which streamlines the collaborative work process, at the same time as you reduce manual work as well as the risks with budgeting and forecasting in Excel. Through our Excel integrations you can quickly analyze outcome- and forecasting data and also create your own calculations and analyze the budget.

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Planacys planning platform can fully be integrated and customized for your business.

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