A better overview with automatic forecasts

  • Rolling forecasts
  • Better outlook
  • Automatization

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Forecast tool

Preparing a forecast can often be very complicated and time-consuming, but in Planacy it only takes a few clicks to set up a new forecast, fill out all of the templates with relevant outcome data and (if desired) generate a forecast proposal.

Planacy also supports Ad-Hoc planning, which means that you can easily start a new forecast when the outside world or conditions change. In addition, Planacy can generate automatic forecasts based on your KPIs and trends.

Rolling forecasts

With Planacy as your forecasting tool you can easily work with rolling forecasts, automatic forecasts proposals and detailed forward-looking analyses. You can work with financial and operational planning according to the method that suits you best: continuous with rolling months, quarters, tertiary, half years or fixed periods with different time spans.

Better forward-looking analyses

With Planacy you get a powerful and value-creating budget and forecasting tool that’s fully customizable for your business. By implementing Planacy, applying drivers and rolling forecasts, you’ll get more continuous and accurate forward-looking analyses that will help you steer the company in the right direction. Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

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