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Planacy Training Platform provides knowledge and courses for those who are, or will be, Planacy SuperUsers. The Training Platform enables you to learn everything you need to know about Planacy, whenever you want and how often you want. You'll get continuous access to new courses and can redo the once you've completed as many times as you wish.

Our goal is to simplify and streamline budgeting and forecasting, to enable more continuous workflows and to increase the value of the financial planning processes. To achieve this, it's important that Planacy users have the knowledge they need to get maximum value from the system and manage the investment. 

  • Continuous access to new courses and the latest information
  • Take the courses when it suits you and redo them whenever you want
  • Divide the courses as you wish; complete one or more courses at once or pause and continue later
  • Access to Live Q&A Sessions online every month
  • Become a certified SuperUser by completing the basic courses

Simplify implementation in your organization with End User Training 

By purchasing one-time licenses for end users, they get access to the course End User Training where they get to learn everything about Planacy's user interface, how to navigate in the system, tips and tricks on how to streamline their work, etc.


SuperUser Training Access

Prices per year

1 user: 299 EUR / user
2-5 användare: 249 EUR / user
6+ användare: 189 EUR / user

End User Training

One-time licenses for end users

5 EUR / user

Registration for End User Access

Registration for SuperUser Training

Terms and conditions for Planacy Training Platform:
  • We charge an annual fee for SuperUser Training Access, which is invoiced in advance and extended by twelve (12) months at a time.
  • The annual license is valid from the first SuperUser Access e-mail confirmation and 365 days thereafter.
  • A SuperUser Training Access is personal and is prohibited from use by others.
  • A SuperUser Training Access can be transferred to a colleague, but no more than once every year.
  • Termination of a license or downsizing of users must be announced no later than 60 days prior to the license renewal, either to your partner or to
  • We charge a one-time fee for End User Access, which is invoiced when we have received the order.
  • EndUser Training consists of a number of One Time accesses to the platform. A number of your choice when purchasing the EndUser Training.


If you have any questions or if you'd like more information on the Planacy Training Platform, please contact