Planacy Workshop

We help prepare your company for a system change

Planacy Workshop

With our innovative technology and configurable system, it's easier and less time consuming to implement a new system –Planacy’s workshops help prepare your company for a system change.

Our workshops give you a good starting point, whether you choose to move forward with Planacy, or another system. During the workshop, we will develop draft templates together for one or more of your processes so you can get a feel for the Planacy tool.

Prior to the workshop

Before the workshop we will prepare by familiarizing ourselves with your business and processes. We will therefore ask for a brief description of the planning process and allocation of responsibilities. We will also request access to files such as account structure and organisational structure. In this way we will be optimally prepared for the workshop.

During the workshop

Depending on current conditions and the company’s needs we will conduct a four- or five-hour discussion-based workshop, divided into one or two occasions. Using the files we have received prior to the workshop we will together create and configure examples of what the templates and processes could look like in Planacy. During the workshop you’ll get an idea of what it would be like to have Planacy as your system.

After the workshop

After the workshop you’ll get access to the result in the form of your own Planacy environment, available in Planacy’s cloud. The environment will be available for 14 days, so you’ll have time to try out and evaluate the system and make sure that it meets your needs and standards. You will also receive a document with prototyped processes and templates together with descriptions which can be used as a foundation in the continued work with your system change.

Interested in workshop?

You'll receive about 16-20 hours of consultation with a budget and planning expert, where you together iterate how your process could, and should look like in a modern solution. 

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