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Rolling forecast

Streamline data-driven processes and work more effective and more frequent and rolling with your financial planning.  

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A Planning platform for data-driven and rolling forecast  

Challenging and constantly developing your processes to optimise value-creating work with financial planning is essential. With Planacy, you enable more continuously updated financial forecasting that can work as a better strategic decision basis. Planacy's software is customised for your processes and business logic. You work according to the forecasting method that is best suited for your business - dynamic and frequent or completely rolling every month.   



Automate your processes to create a more efficient work that enables more frequent forecasts. Through automation, you’ll minimise manual and repetitive tasks and create better conditions to work with rolling forecasts.  

Rolling forecast

To work more frequently and rolling with financial forecasts has been brought up to fore as the world and internal as well as external factors changes more rapidly. With Planacy’s powerful support and features, you can work according to the method which suits you’re business the best. Work either rolling 12, 18 or 24 months and get a longer forecasting horizon and more frequently updated forecasts.   


Which forecasting method suits you the best?  

Work with a classic budget and forecast, rolling or with a dynamic length. How do you get a more qualitative and frequent forecast?  

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