Budget, forecast and planning 

Enable efficient scenario planning  

With Planacy you streamline your work with scenario planning. 

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Improve the forecasting process and your financial decision basis   

- Work more efficient with different forecasting scenarios   

Work driver-based and parameter controlled to get an as qualitative budget and forecast as possible. Planacy is created for you to easily decentralise the process and retrieve information from the business where the insights are the greatest. With just a few clicks, you can easily create new versions in order to model different scenarios and outcomes to increase the quality of your financial decision-making and therefor make better strategic decisions. 

Driver-based scenario planning  

Working driver-based is key to creating an understanding in the business of what drives revenue, costs, and results. To take your business to the next level and understand how different events and outcomes are related, you’ll need to create the conditions to work more efficient with financial scenario planning. With a driver-based and parameter-controlled forecasting process in Planacy, you collect more qualitative input from the organisation and from that, easily can create different scenarios for a better decision basis.   

Automated scenario planning  

Starting a new scenario shouldn’t take more than a couple of clicks. Planacy automates significant parts of the administration with your financial planning and simplifies your work with scenario planning. You can easily make assumptions of, for example, inflation, exchange rate, salary adjustments, raw materials, or simply change assumptions on the sales forecast. You’ll directly get a comprehensive overview how these events and assumptions affect the result and cash flow.   

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Is it time to streamline your financial scenario planning?  

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