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Planacy simplifies a data-driven work with budgeting, forecasting and planning, and can be completely customised for your industry and processes.

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Data-driven budget, forecast and financial planning  

Increase automation, engagement, and quality

With innovative technology and powerful modules, Planacy can be completely customised for your business – no matter your industry. Reduce the headache caused by your budgeting and forecasting and increase the engagement of everyone involved in the process. With Planacy, you get a driver-based process that leads to an increased understanding of your financial planning, increased accountability and a higher level of quality. At the same time, with the help of intelligent features, you can automate large parts of the process and work more frequently 

We have customers from most industries 

- Below you’ll find a selection of industries where our platform delivers a great value. 

Retail & E-commerce 

Working data-driven has never been more important for retail and e-commerce companies. With Planacy, you’ll streamline and make the financial planning more efficient through driver-based processes for sales, staff, and central costs allocation for the P&L. You can work with calendar adjustments, generate automatic forecasting suggestions and build a complete financial process from purchasing to cash flow forecasting. 


With a combination of hours, billing rate, consultation projects and a high cost of staff, it’s safe to say that driver-based planning is essential for a consultancy. Keeping an eye on all parts of an excel process is difficult since you often don’t get the qualitative input you need from team managers. With Planacy, it’s a lot easier to gather qualitative input. Our platform enables you to work driver-based, which will increase engagement and accountability throughout your organisation, and give you more control of the entire process. 

SaaS and Tech companies

For SaaS and Tech companies, their businesses are often all about the contracts, users or transactions. This is often combined with factors such as annual contract value, monthly active users, churn, net revenue retention, customer acquisition cost, lifetime value etc. The model in its foundation is driver-based. With Planacy, you can automate and optimise your financial planning in order to create a process that gives you complete control of every change and its effect on the financial forecast, from the P&L to the cash flow.   


Building, construction, and real estate companies tend to have highly complex financial planning processes where many employees are involved, which can often impact accounting through percentage of completion method. It’s of great importance that data and forecasting maintain high quality and that you have detailed control of all projects. With Planacy, you can automate major parts of the process, simplify for management and project managers, and at the same time get more control of the entire process and every project budget.   

Your industry  

Regardless of your industry, the quality of financial planning improves with driver-based forecasting. Our customers represent over 20 different industries, but what they all have in common is that they want to reduce the manual and often repetitive work, increase automation and make their processes more efficient. They also want to become more data-driven, increase engagement and accountability within the organisation, and make it easier to work continuously with financial planning. This is what Planacy offers a streamlined solution, fully customised for your business.

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