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Powerful driver-based forecasting software

In order to increase understanding for the financial plans within your organisation, you need to work driver-based with budgeting, forecasting and planning. With a forecasting software that gives a higher degree of transparency into what drives revenue and costs, you’ll not only improve the quality of the financial plans, but also the accountability for financial targets and forecasts. With Planacy, you can streamline a driver-based financial planning process down to both the P&L and the balance sheet at account level. With powerful and intelligent features, you can work more efficiently. 

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Customisable budget process  

In Planacy, you can build your financial model with different driver-based processes, for example: sales, staff, marketing, central costs, and CAPEX, and automate input of reference data and forecasting predictions. Planacy also enables you to focus more on the details to get a more accurate and qualitative forecast that can be used as a well-functioning strategic tool.

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Configurable workflow  

Delegate your financial planning to the parts of your organisation with the most insights. Enable your users to work in an intuitive interface while maintaining control of the process, who has done what, and in which point in time.

Advantages and disadvantages of rolling forecasts

  • Traditional budget and forecast
  • Rolling forecast 12-18 months
  • Rolling forecast with dynamic length
  • Advantages and disadvantages with the different methods

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