The SaaS company Planacy offer a platform that contributes to simpler, more efficient and value-adding budget and forecast processes for medium to large sized companies. The growth of the company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) has increased substantially over the past years and the interest for the new shares issue has been great.

”We’ve seen an increase of brand awareness and a lot of interest both from the investors and the general public, but we still didn’t expect to close in only 9 minutes. The fact that current owners and investors believe in the company is very reassuring. Together with them, our new owners through Pepins and the growth capital we’ve gathered, we’re ready to intensify development and gear up”, says Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård, CEO at Planacy.


Current owners and investors signed for over half of the resources called for in the new shares issue and the remaining public part was congregated through Pepins and the newly formed company Planacy Partners Sweden AB (publ). In nine minutes Planacy received over 6.2 million Swedish kronor through Pepins and thus, the issue was fully subscribed for a total of 12.5 million in record time. Even at Pepins, they were surprised by the record-breaking closure.

“The fact that public shares issue closed so quickly almost feels surreal. We opened at 10 am and at the same time a notice went out to everyone who registered for the issue. After that we barely had time to blink before it was over. Planacy is completely right in this moment of time and this is now evident by the solid trust investors have in their business", says Linn Anstérus, Head of Capital Raising at Pepins.”

The consulting company Millnet BI, which has been a part of Planacy’s journey since the beginning, continues to invest in the company. As a leading consultancy within Business Intelligence and also Budget and Planning, Millnet BI has substantial knowledge of the market and sees that Planacy’s customer and value-adding offer has become more relevant than ever.

”Similarly to the on-going trend with more flexible tools in reporting and analysis, where Qlik and Power BI is at the forefront, a transformation is now underway in the budgeting and forecasting area where Planacy in turn is increasingly leading the development. In times like these, where all you know is that the future will not be as it was, you need to be able to quickly update your assumptions to get a good overview of the expected P&L and cash flow development. We can see that Planacy’s journey has just begun and we will continue to invest in, contribute to, and take part of the success that the team creates”, says Mattias Nilsson, founder and head of business development at Millnet BI.

With established partners who sell, implement, support and manage Planacy for customers such as Actic, Haglöfs, Selecta, Trustly, Vitamin Well and Besqab, Planacy has taken a strong position on the Swedish market. Now, the goal is to broaden the partner network and take the same position in Europe. Magnus Hedlund, who is a current investor in Planacy, strongly believes in the company’s continued development and possibilities outside of Sweden:

”Planacy has developed a unique product with high demand and fine scalability. They have a knowledgeable and committed team at the wheel who delivers according to plan, both regarding product and business model. Their partner strategy has great potential both nationally and internationally and it will be fun to follow the continued development of the company”, says Hedlund, Partner and Senior Advisor in ECIT Services and former CEO at Visma Services and Accountor Sweden.

After five years of development, Jimmy Stenqvist Evegård believes that Planacy does not only have the Swedish market's most innovative, configurable and powerful platform for budget, forecasting and planning, but also the Swedish market's most complete partner network. However, the company's ambitions extend well beyond this and the newly raised capital will help to accelerate the development.

“I’m incredibly happy that so many share our view of Planacy as a company with an extremely bright future. That we were also able to let our employees and partners easily participate in the continued growth journey is something which I believe will contribute to an even more positive development of the company. With a clear strategy we’re building a scalable SaaS company with appealing growth and profitability, and together with Pepins we have established a long-term plan which will benefit and prepare the company in our quest to become a successful SaaS company on the stock exchange”, Stenqvist Evegård says.


Elisabet Norrgård

Growth Marketing Manager

More about Pepins and the new shares issue through Planacy Partners Sweden AB (publ)

Almost half of the new shares issue was public through Pepins platform and the newly formed company Planacy Partners Sweden AB (publ). Pepins make it possible for anyone to invest in the fastest growing part of the economy – exciting growth companies. Through Pepins, you get the chance to discover and become part-owner in the companies you believe in. The great thing about Pepins is that you can be a part of successful company’s journeys without having to make huge investments. The smallest sum you can invest is 50 euro and if you missed the new shares issue this time, you’ll get a new chance to become a co-owner of Planacy Partners Sweden AB every quarter through Pepins Market Place. Read more at Pepins (in Swedish)

Contact at Pepins
Linn Anstérus, Head of Capital Raising | +4679 100 44 41

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