One of Sweden’s leading platforms for data-driven budget, forecasting and planning enters a new partnership. Together with Implema, the leading specialist in the ERP systems SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, they can now offer their current and future customers a solution for more efficient data-driven financial planning.   

The digitalisation expert Implema has over 20 years of experience and has long supported companies to more efficient and sustainable processes. With their digital solutions, Implema helps organisations by offering the ERP systems SAP and Microsoft Dynamics and market-leading best-of-breed solutions.   

"We’re pleased to add Planacy to our ecosystem of strategic partners. Together we can offer our customers a simplified, continuous budget and forecast planning. With this tool, our customers can, for example, work with “agile control” and “beyond budget”. We’re convinced that more of our customers will find this tool useful on their journey to more automated and quality-proofed financial planning and evaluation", says Birgitta Ward, Head of Partnership at Implema.   


Implema’s continuous growth and the market’s continued demand on SAP and Microsoft Dynamics are clear signs of the value the customers see in digitalising their businesses. With Planacy, Implema can offer customers the most modern and efficient tool for budget, forecasting and planning on the market.  

"We’re looking forward to continuing and increasing the collaboration with Implema. With Implema’s experience in ERP, digitalisation and planning, we can together offer companies working in SAP and Microsoft Dynamics a world-class solution. We already have a couple of joint dialogues with Implema’s customers, and we look forward to helping organisations find a more well-planned and effective every-day solution", say Erik Gidlund, CRO and Head of Partnership at Planacy  


For more information, please contact:   

Ann-Sophie Modigh, Marketing & Communications Director Implema, 073-343 89 35,

Erik Gidlund, CRO Planacy, 070-898 69 07,  

About Planacy  

Planacy, founded in 2015, is a Swedish SaaS-company focused on simplifying data-driven and continuous work with financial planning. The company has an innovative and powerful platform with more than 180 customers and has established itself as the market-leading platform for budget, forecast and planning. Planacy contributes to better-planned and more successful companies and organisations by working proactively and value-adding with budget, forecasting and planning.  

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About Implema  

Implema increases customer’s competitiveness through intelligent digitalisation. As the Swedish market leading specialist in the ERP systems SAP and Microsoft, Implema ensure that customers quickly and easily get a future-proofed ERP system. From here, Implema can explore new ideas and ways of working and at the same time help customers maximise the value of the latest technique. Implema has delivered business-critical projects since 1998 and currently has 180 employees at ten different offices, from Malmö in the south to Umeå in the north and converts 300 MSEK. 

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