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Extract Data From Planacy to Excel and Google Sheets 

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Combine Planacy With Excel and Google Sheets 

With Planacy, you get a planning platform that streamlines your work process so that you can avoid all the manual work and risks with budgeting and forecasting in data sheets. With our Add-Ins, you can quickly and easily extract data from Planacy to both Excel and Google Sheets – create your forecasts in Planacy and use Microsoft Office or Google Workspace for reporting and ad-hoc analyses. Or why not let your existing report package be updated automatically from Planacy? 

Toolbox in data sheets 

Planacy's Excel and Google Sheets Add-in is a simple and intuitive toolbox within data sheets. You control which data you extract with simple choices, which means that your own analyses and reports based on forecasts in Planacy can easily be set up. Create sales analysis, cash flow reports or performance variances and link them to Powerpoint to create an automatically updated management report. 

Load data from Planacy

Our Add-in works the same way in both Excel and Google Sheets. In this video we use Excel to demonstrate the Add-in.  

Even if input data to Planacy can (of course) be extracted automatically from your other systems or data warehouses, there is often a need to supplement it by extracting ad-hoc data from Excel. Use our add-in to easily extract data from Excel when preparing your forecast, such as staff or sales data.

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